New Thessaloniki Metro: the new operation and maintenance project via PPP to commence shortly


In the start-up phase is the PPP project for the selection of a contractor who will undertake the operation and maintenance of the Thessaloniki Metro, when it is put into commercial operation.

The beginning of the process took place with the assignment by Attiko Metro to the company “MPRIME ADVISORY SERVICES” for the provision of Technical Consultant services, for the assistance of ATTICA METRO SA. in the preliminary actions of preparation of the international competition that is expected to be announced in 2022. The relevant decision has been posted in DIAVGEIA.

In order to do this, the usual procedure for the promotion of PPP projects must be followed, ie the submission of a request by Attiko Metro to the inter-ministerial committee and then the approval by it in order for the big tender to start.

The duration of the contract, if the example of other public-private partnership projects is followed, will not be less than 10 years. What is interesting is that it is the first competition of its kind in Greece. Similar examples in Europe can be found in the “twin sister” of the Thessaloniki Metro, ie the Copenhagen Metro.

The contractor will undertake the operation of the system but also the maintenance of the network and the trains and stations.

The tender is worth 400 million euros

As it has become known, the tender will have an estimated cost of around 400 million euros for the entire period of the contract. The competition is expected to attract large European companies operators of similar systems. Of course, it will be interesting within the borders as potentially the two big officials, namely STASY and TRAINOSE, could show their interest.

STASY, in the recent past, had participated in a tender for the construction-maintenance of the Jerusalem metro, as it was a member of a consortium as an experience provider together with GEK TERNA and companies from the USA and Israel.

Recall that in Thessaloniki has also been signed since December 2020 a contract for advanced telematics and information system for all providers – including the metro – but also a “smart” ticket, ie a single, automatic fare collection system. The € 31.5 million contract is between the Information Society of the Ministry of Digital Governance and the consortium, headed by “Terna Energy”

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