Two major railway projects in Athens and Western Greece to be auctioned by September


The General Secretary of Infrastructure, Mr. George Karagiannis, visited today, June 18, 2021, the offices of ERGOSE, where he had a meeting with the President and CEO of the Organization, Mr. Christos Vinis in the presence of company executives.

The main object of the meeting was the implementation of railway projects with a total budget of over 4 billion € planned and implemented by ERGOSE, with the ultimate goal of making our country a regional “hub” in the field of logistics in the wider Balkans and the South of Europe.

Achieving this goal is a strategic priority for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and ERGOSE.

Through a series of immediate actions and complete restructuring of processes in full cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, today ERGOSE is accelerating the procedures and is in a mature stage for the auction of six projects of strategic importance, with a total budget of € 3.3 billion, through Competitive Dialogue.

These are cross-border and interregional projects, as well as upgrade projects such as the connection of the 6th pier of the Port of Thessaloniki with the main railway axis of Thessaloniki and the development of the suburban West Thessaloniki, the connection of Alexandroupolis with Ormenio, the connection of Kavala with Thessaloniki and the Sagittarius through a new southern route, but also further south, the connection of the airport “El. Venizelos ”with the ports of Lavrio and Rafina and of course the railway interconnection of the new port of Patras.

All the projects of the Competitive Dialogue connect the major ports of the country with the railway network. Given that these are large and complex projects, the Competitive Dialogue is the best bidding process and the most appropriate bidding tool provided by public procurement legislation.

ERGOSE has completed the tender for the assignment of a Technical Consultant who will support it in all the necessary preparatory work so that within the third quarter of this year to implement the first phase of the Competitive Dialogue, which provides for the pre-selection of participating financial institutions.

Mr. Karagiannis was also informed about the progress of the projects to be auctioned with tenders with a total budget of € 690 million.

ERGOSE is accelerating the procedures for the completion of the ongoing projects concerning the modernization of the main railway axis Patras – Athens – Thessaloniki – Eidomeni / Promachonas, while at the same time the construction of the Neos Panteleimon Railway Station has been contracted. The installation of Electricity and Railway Systems on the Railway Line “Larissa – Volos” and the installation of Signaling on the Railway Line “Thessaloniki – Eidomeni” were auctioned. In addition, the Tender Documents for the construction of the Kryoneri Railway Station have been completed.

The projects that will be auctioned

It is noted that two major railway projects, totaling 175 million euros, will be auctioned during the third quarter of 2021, which will be funded by the Operational Program: “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”. These are:

– Second phase of the Central Railway Station of Athens and connection to the metro, with a budget of 35 million euros. The project concerns the completion of the construction of lines, docks and underground passage for the communication of all the docks of the railway station, as well as connection with the “Larissis” Station of Attiko Metro SA.

– New double line Aigio-Rio (subsidy, electricity, signaling, stations), budget 140 million Euros. The project includes the construction of the superstructure of the new double railway line, 32 km long, with signaling – remote control and electric drive and the construction of railway stations.

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